Heartbleed notice for Charisma websites

Are you receiving a message that our websites are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug?

The Heartbleed bug is a major issue and we know you want to be protected when you use our websites. Please be assured that our websites are safe. We are not affected by the Heartbleed bug. Although the version of OpenSSL that we use on our server is within the range of versions vulnerable to Heartbleed it has been patched and is no longer vulnerable. The warning you are receiving when you visit our sites is a false positive.

If the software you installed to check for Heartbleed allows you to "whitelist" websites please do so for ours. If not, please disregard the warning.

We are currently looking into upgrading out OpenSSL software to a version outside of the offical vulnerable range in order to get rid of these false positive warnings.

If you have any questions please contact us as webmaster@charismamedia.com